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We will have the Chinese Spring holiday from Jan 16 to Feb 3,there will be no shipping during those days.Shipping will be resumed on Feb 3,do NOT use this site if you need the product in urgent.


If you are located in Taiwan/hongkong,please leave the shipping address in chinese instead of English,we will ship out the order by SF EXPRESS.IT WILL BE MORE FAST. Description: The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch! Includes USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license. Compatible with all regions. Compatible with all firmwares. Real time game switching. More features to be announced soon.

Xecuter SX Pro content

1 x USB-TYPE-C dongle
1 x Jig tool
1 x OS software license

News: New TX site to activate SX OS is here https://sx.xecuter.rocks or https://sx.team-xecuter.rocks.

Its features

  • Play All Games: With SX Pro you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch
  • Homebrew Games & Apps: Using SX OS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software by independent developers
  • Eshop and FTP Server: With SX Pro you can play eshop games in NSP format and transfer games&files via wift to sd card from PC
  • Emunand and Cheats: SX OS Beta 2.6 BETA supports users to install Emunand and add Cheats code to Nintendo Switch.
  • External HDD: SX OS 2.6 NETA with TERABYTES Hard Drive Support, 2TB is the Max, time for you to load and play more games.
  • Backwards Compatible: Using the SX OS Launcher you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games
  • Continued Support: Customers are eligible for free lifetime support and updates

SX Pro Dongle

The major component of SX Pro Kit is the usb dongle. It includes the key sx os license code and it boots the sx os cfw to your Nintendo Switch. With the sx pro dongle, it’s super easy to install the SX OS custom firmware. Just plug and play. Only one thing you need to note, the sx pro dongle is Chargeable, if you find it’s flashing yellow or can’t work on the Switch, you should Charge it for some hours.

Its Pros Its Cons
  • Compatible with all firmwares and all regions.
  • Great game and homebrew compatibility
  • Has an optional “AutoRCM” feature that can be installed to your Switch Console such that the jig tool is not needed anymore on boot.
  • Team Executor provides lifetime support and constant updates
  • SX Pro dongle is plug and play and portable
  • Support for third party payloads
  • Very affordable and low priced.
  • Hardware exploit ensures a future proof exploit (for current switch model)
  • Fully supports saves
  • No soldering required and non-invasive
  • Micro USB slot for charging and updating
  • Possibility of being banned from online
  • Not Free

Xecuter SX Pro User Guide and Review

Here is a simple SX Pro Tutorial, in fact, for every SX Pro newbie, we rec https://sx.xecuter.com/download/manuals/sxpro/[EN]_SX_Pro_v1.3.pdfommend you following the Official User Guide, here is the link

1. Download the latest version of SX OS and extract this to your microSD card. Your card microSD can be formatted as FAT32 or exFAT.
2. Insert SX Pro dongle and tool into your Nintendo Switch. The dongle goes in the charger port, the tool in the right joycon rail.
3. Hold volume-up and press the power button, SX OS should start.
You can remove the dongle and tool once SX OS starts.
4. Enter the “album viewer” from the main menu and click on “license” to activate your SX OS License to enjoy all features
5. Enjoy the latest games and homebrew!


Differences with SX PRO and SX OS:

The SX Pro is a USB-C dongle that is a plug and play solution to injecting the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware. It comes loaded with an SX OS license that is tied to your console and stored on your microSD card. So technically, an SX Pro dongle can be used with multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, but each console will need to have an SX OS license in order to play Switch backups. Without the SX Pro dongle you’ll need a PC+USB-C cable or Android+OTG to inject the payload to your Switch every time it is rebooted. With the SX Pro this process becomes very versatile and portable.

The SX OS is simply just the custom firmware itself. In order to be able to play Switch game backups, it needs to be activated with a license that is checked against Team Executor’s servers. The activation process can be done online via your Switch or offline with a PC. If SX OS is not activated, it can only be used to play Switch homebrew.

Be careful:Don’t update the system at will without being notified by the TX team

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