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Universal Charging Base Bracket for Host Computer Charging Base for Game Machine for switch/lite



This product is a charging pedestal bracket for N-Switch Lite&N-Switch mainframe, which supports charging while playing.
2. This product comes with a USB charging line, which can be connected to the N-Switch Dock original base or other USB power adapter.
3. Design of movable TYPE-C plug to effectively protect the charging port of N-Switch Lite&N-Switch host
4. The product is exquisite, concise and easy to operate.
Product parameters:
1. Input voltage/current: DC5V/2.0A;
2. Output voltage/current: DC5V/2.0A;
Instructions for the use of products:
1. Connect the USB charging line with the original N-Switch Dock pedestal or other USB power
Source adapter;
2. If the N-Switch Lite&N-Switch host is connected to the product, the host can be charged.
Packing Size: 10×12.5x4cm, 90g

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12.5 × 4 cm