Tail plug cable charging data cable interface with glue and blue film for iPhone x R


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Product Description:

The original detachable tail plug connection cable is your solution to the problem of data connection and charging. If your phone doesn’t charge, there’s a problem with the data connection, it’s not recognized when plugged into the computer through USB, or the microphone doesn’t detect a sound, this replacement part compatible with iPhone XR can solve the problem.

Five faults of tail plug cable assembly?

1. Can’t charge / plug in data cable, only one side can charge. There is no response when connecting the computer, unable to transmit data, and the tail data port is faulty

2. The other party can’t hear the voice / the voice is small / the noise (the handsfree call is normal, that is, the integrated transmitter of the tail plug fails)

3. The home key fails (it may also be the home cable interface failure, because the interface is integrated in the tail plug)

4. There is no response / sound / noise on one side of the earphone

5. The calling signal is not stable, the signal is not satisfied / no service (if the mobile signal is normal, then the signal line on the pigtail cable is faulty)