Mobile phone with iron chip, power on, volume, mute, button, power line, suitable for iPhone se


26.99$ 30.00$


● se maintenance cable includes power button, volume button fixing bracket and mute button fixing bracket cable

This se maintenance Cable comes with adhesive

● compatible with apple se only

Four faults of power on cable assembly?

In case of any of the following situations, even if the power on cable arrangement fails, replacing the power on cable arrangement assembly can solve the problem!

1. The power on key / screen lock key is pressed, which is out of order, inflexible and sagging

2. Video recording of rear image head / FaceTime / speakerphone without sound or low sound

3. IP5 generation / ip5s / 5C / ip5se / IP6 generation / ip6plus / ip6s / ip6sp / IP7 generation / ip7plus volume key / mute key failure, poor elasticity, sagging

4. Flashlights and flashlights cannot be used

5. Power on cable assembly = power on + mute + volume + Flash + handsfree transmitter