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Host heat dissipation charging grip stretching battery pack handle with bracket for switch/lite-BLACK


24.99$ 25.00$

Description: Grip with built-in cooling fan, built-in 6000 MAH (real price 5600 mA) battery rechargeable storage, new and old mainframe universal. (excluding game consoles, game handles)
Packaging list: heat dissipation charging grip + charging wire + color box

First, product introduction:
1. This seat is suitable for charging N-Switch host or Switch Lite host.
2. Charging adopts USB to Type-C interface plug-in charging line.
3. It has two fans to provide mountain heat for the main engine.
4. Built-in 2 18650 lithium batteries.
5. Product parameters:
Input current: 5V/2A
Output parameters: 5V/2A
Material: ABS plastics
Colour: Black, blue-grey.
Lithium battery capacity: 6000 mAh (charging time is about 4.5 hours)
Commodity size: 46X98X238MM
6. Packaging specification: heat dissipation charging grip X1
Type-C Charging Line 80CM X1
2. Instructions for use:
Pull the hand to the appropriate width and place it in the host. Press the switch key to start the blue light for the fan. Press the second switch key to charge the host and turn on the blue light at the same time. Press the third switch key to be the same.
Turn off all functions and indicator lights. When charging the hand, the red light turns on and the blue light turns back. In the case of charging and discharging at the same time, the red and blue lights are on at the same time.
(Note: Please provide power adapter (> 5V/2A) for heat dissipation charging grip.
N-Switch original charger can not be directly used in heat dissipation charging grip. It needs to be converted through the original converter (Switch Dock) before the link grip can be charged.

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 23.8 × 9.8 × 4.6 cm