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Gamecube Controller Adapter Wireless, Gamecube Control Wireless Bluetooth Adapter For Wii U/NS-Switch/PC USB


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  • – 【Turbo Function】: In any mode, press the keys A / B / X / Y / L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 and Turbo to set the function Turbo (automatically resets when the button is pressed), press A / B / X / again. The buttons Y / L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 and Turbo erase the function of a single button, hold down the function of the Turbo button for all 5 buttons.
  • – 【Latest Model】: A newly developed Bluetooth converter that connects Gamecube / Classic Editions / Wii Classic / NES, SNES handles and third-party handles with the same port to a Windows switch or device. Suitable for super smash bros. A variety of console games like Ultimate Edition.
  • – 【Multidirectional Power Protection】: When the host screen is off, the handle switches off automatically; in Bluetooth mode, press the Start button for 5 seconds, disconnect from the host and turn off automatically without pressing any button within 5 minutes. The lithium battery voltage is less than 3.45V ± 0.1V and turns off automatically.
  • – 【Change button design mode】: Press and hold the L R A B START button. The green LED is on, indicating that the GC design or the SwitchPro design is changed, and the two design modes are alternated.
  • – 【Convenient and Energy Saving】: Built-in 300mh lithium battery, no AA battery needed like other wireless adapters, just need a USB interface to provide power, energy saving and environmental protection, the game is more simple and convenient.

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