Terms of Sales

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Terms of Sales

Axiogame terms of sales

The following terms of sale (‘TOS’) apply in their whole with any order placed on www.axiogame.com . Therefore, any order implies express acceptance, irrevocable and without reserve of the customer with the present TOS. The TOS prevails on any other document exchanged between the parties, in particular the customer general terms of purchase, regardless of the moment where they might have been in contact with Axiogame. Any particular condition derogatory or adding to the provisions of the TOS will only be accepted with a written agreement of Axiogame.

Article 1 – Price

1.1 – The prices of the articles are those applicable the day of the confirmation of order.

1.2 – The prices given on the www.axiogame.com site are Net of tax and include transportation costs. Prices indicated are final and nothing will be added by Axiogame.

1.3 – Axiogame prices are displayed in US$ (United States of America Dollars). The customer can define in his/her preferences a second currency to have an up to date conversion of the pricing in his/her currency. But payment is always in US$.

1.4 – The prices of the articles taken into account for the invoicing will be those at the day of the validation of the order by the customer. No change of a product price will be accepted after the creation of an order, whether the variation is positive or negative.

1.5 – Our prices do NOT include country specific custom taxes & duties, associated with the delivery of your order. These fees must be paid by the customer directly to the delivery carrier at the time of delivery.

Article 2 – Order and validation of order

2.1 – For reasons of reliability and traceability of the orders, all orders must be validated

2.2 – When the customer carries out the creation of an order, it will receive thereafter a Proforma summing up the articles ordered by the. The customer will have to validate this Proforma after having checked all the details of it (addresses, nature of the articles, prices etc.). The validation of the Proforma is equal to a confirmation of the order and is transmitted to our shipping staff for delivery after payment is completed.

2.3 – The validation of the order by the customer is therefore an agreement to these TOS.

2.4 – Payment is handled online by our payment provider, in a total secure environment for your safety. No credit card data is recorded by Axiogame, everything is handled by our payment provider.

Article 3 – Availability

3.1 – The www.axiogame.com site is used as the reference for the availability of the products. Products available are indicated as ‘in stock’. Products which are not ‘in stock’ are not purchasable as Axiogame will only allow a customer to order a product which we can ship immediately.

3.2 – The products are offered within the limit of stocks available. For the products which are not in stock, customer can be informed by simply using the request option when they are. Generally restocking is quick, but the offers are valid subject to availability from the suppliers of Axiogame.

3.3 – The indication of the inventory position of the product is thus given at the time of the creation of the order on our www.axiogame.com site. The inventory position is directly influenced by our suppliers and by other customers and it is possible that modifications are made on the availability of a product. It is therefore possible that after the creation of your order a product turns out to be unavailable. Axiogame is committed to inform you as fast as possible in this unlikely event.

Article 4 – Delivery & Insurance

4.1 – The delivery of an order validated by the customer will be made either free at Axiogame expenses by air mail, or by courier/forwarder at the cost indicated on the website for customers who want a guaranteed delivery time. The order will be shipped to the delivery address supplied and confirmed by the customer. Axiogame thus denies its responsibility in the event of delay, damage or missing items related to transport. In the event of a change of delivery address, only a request for modification by the customer communicated before any validation of an order can be taken into account by Axiogame.

4.2 – The delivery time indicated by our shipping partners varies according to the selected service. For more information, visit the respective websites of the conveyors where the delivery time according to their services is indicated.

4.3 – The expenses for delivery, when shipping cost is invoiced by Axiogame and products delivered by its conveyors, are specific to each order. When a non-free shipping option is selected, they are taxed according to the highest weight between real weight and volumetric weight of the product including packaging. Each new order from the customer will include the delivery expenses inherent to the order.

4.4 – Axiogame reserves the right to split a unique order and to carry out one or more partial sending upon availability of certain ordered products. This will be at Axiogame’s cost for the comfort of the customer.

4.5 – Each delivery will correspond to a tracking number which will be mentioned on the commercial invoice (provided to the customer on the day of shipment). The parcel(s) can be tracked on the courier website.

4.6 – In the event of complaint of the customer following a delivery problem: loss of one or the totality of the parcels, damaged goods, missing items (theft inside a parcel of part of the goods) etc, no claim will be possible if the customer did not specify it to the courier at the time of delivery.

4.7 – The products sold are property of Axiogame until they are fully paid.

4.8 – All products are shipped from the People’s Republic of China

Article 5 – Payment and Invoicing

5.1 – Payments have to be paid with any major credit/debit cards. Axiogame reserve the right to cancel an order if it considers that the credit card being used is a safety risk for Axiogame and the card holder. The card is then fully refunded and the order cancelled.

5.2 – An invoice in .pdf format will be sent by e-mail to the customer on the day when the order is dispatched. It is up to the customer to print the invoice or to store it electronically. The products cartons come with a delivery note which does not indicate any pricing and does not act as invoice.

Article 6 – Warranty & return policy

The products which the customer bought on www.axiogame.com in general carry a 12 months guarantee from the day of the invoice. Certain specific products are however sold with a guarantee of 3 months only (software and consumables) and all products requiring a handling other than simple connections (spare parts, article of customization requiring soldering and/or opening of consoles etc) lose their guarantee from the moment they were installed. To return products and the start of a RMA procedure, the customer will need in all cases to contact its Axiogame support to define the process. In all cases the customer will have to fill out a RMA document with information such as nature of the product, n° of corresponding invoice, nature of the problem with product etc. The return
cost for the defective products is payable by the customer.
In the event of a defective or non-conform products, duly noted by Axiogame, the customer will be able to obtain replacements, within the limit of stocks available, or a credit note corresponding to the purchase price net of tax of the defective or non- conform products, the choice being made by Axiogame, without any allowance, damages or penalties.

Article 7 – Act of God

Are regarded as causes of suspension or exemption of the obligations of each parties, with the title of Act of God, in particular, natural cataclysms, fires, strikes, lockout, difficulties of restocking due to transport issues or to state restrictions measures.

Article 8 – Legal competence

Any order placed on Axiogame under the present GST is subjected to the Republic of Seychelles law.